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Our Products

Black Eye


Endoscopic Marker

Black Eye™ is a sterile, non-pyrogenic ink designed to be used as an endoscopic marker for marking polyps and lesions in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is supplied syringe contain 5ml of the marker.

Black Eye™ is also biocompatible, non-toxic formulation contains no harmful ingredient. It consists of medical grade carbon black which lasts for more than 10 years in the body.

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Blue Eye


Submucosal Injection Agent

Blue Eye™ is a medical device that is an injectable liquid composition intended for use in gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures for submucosal lift of polyps, adenomas, early stage cancers or other gastrointestinal mucosal lesions, prior to removal with a snare or endoscopic device.




Electrophysiology Catheter

The SMART™ Electrophysiology Catheter is and electrode recording catheter or and electrode recording probe used to detect and intracardiac electrocardiogram, or to detect cardiac output or left-to-right heart shunts. It has unipolar and multipolar articles for electrocardiogram detection. The SMART™ Electrophysiology Catheter can be used in the evaluation of a variety of cardiac arrhythmias from endocardial and intravascular sites.




ENBD Catheter


SMART ENBD Catheter is intended to use for temporary endoscopic drainage of the biliary duct.

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The Standard pre-filled syringes are manufactured in accordance with ISO 11040-6.

The syringe barrels are made of COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer) Material and are available as a complete system including components such as tip cap, plungers and plunger rods.

They are delivered ready for the filling process and are packed in a nest which is placed into a tub. This nest is suitable for all of the usual filling systems.

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SEPIA has been developed by The Standard Co., Ltd., Korean medical device manufacturer of endoscopic marker used in marking legions in the gastrointestinal tract. Through the long and thorough R&D, SEPIA was born and has been manufactured in the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The inspection and testing are also performed in our own laboratory of ISO 17025.

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의료기기 공정 위탁 서비스 (OEM / ODM)

(주)더스탠다드는 최고 품질의 의료기기 공정 위탁 생산서비스를 제공합니다.
당사는 ISO13485 규격을 준수한 GMP시설과 자체 멸균 시설 및 KOLAS 시험실을 보유하고 있습니다.
다년간의 OEM/ODM 경험과 의료기기 RA, 시험, 개발 및 제조 전문가의 기술력을 바탕으로 고객에게 우수한 제품을 생산하여 공급합니다.
고객의 니즈를 만족시킬 수 있도록 의료기기의 개발단계부터 완제품에 이르기까지 정확하고 체계적인 서비스를 제공합니다.

EPO IRE System

Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is a technology that suppresses cell homeostasis by creating  permanent nanopores in the cell membrane using specific heat energy.

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