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TS-505 Defogger receives CE Certification in May 2021

We, The Standard, is pleased to announce that our new product, TS-505 Defogger Anti-Fog System, meets EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection and obtained CE certification in May 2021.

TS-505 Defogger Anti-Fog System is a device to give the surgeon optimal visualization during the entire laparoscopic surgery.

A constant injection of Co2 gas inside the Defogger tube will maintain a clear lens through the procedure.

The special features of TS-505 Defogger are as follows;

- Eliminate the Need for Other Laparoscopic Products

- Reduced Scope Removals

- No Need to Heat the Scope

- Potential Reduction in Overall O.R. Costs

By using Defogger, doctors do not need to remove the laparoscope during operation which leads to saving time and cost.

It also will help doctors do their jobs easier, safer and faster.

We, The Standard, promise to deliver our valued partners with quality products constantly.


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