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what is Defogger?

What is Defogger?

Defogger is the optimal solution to ensure the surgeon’s clear vision 
for laparoscopic surgery

With Defogger

With Defogger

A continuous flow of dry CO₂ gas over the lens keeps it consistently
clear of condensation and fog throughout the entire surgery

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위드 디포거 윗아웃 디포거.png
Set-up Guide

Set-up Guide

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Connect T-Connector with 
insufflation Tube and Trocar.

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Release clamp and insert Scope, 
lock clamp with finger tighten.

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Insert the Scope-mounted Defogger
through the Trocar.

Effective lens Defoggin System

Effective Lens Defogging System

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Defogging System

Giving the surgeon the clearest view possible

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Defogs the Lens

Saving Time - Reducing the number of
cleaning laparoscopic lens

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In laparoscopic Surgery

A constant injection of CO2 gas inside 
the Defogger tube will maintain a clear lens 
throughout the procedure, reducing the surgeon’s 
fatigue and the operation time

Order Information

Order Information

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Packing Details

Packing Details


Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilzation

1 ea / Tyvek pouch

5 ea / Inner box

4 Inner boxer / Master carton (20 ea)

Master carton : 640 x 430 x 360 (mm)

Inner box : 220 x 420 x 120 (mm)

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Defogger Promotion Video

Anti-Fog System for Laparoscopic Surgery

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