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UEGW 2019 was held from October 21st to 23rd in Barcelona, Spain.

UEGW is the largest and most prestigious GI meeting in Europe. As a global exhibition, UEG Week attracts around 14,000 participants each year from around the world. Visitors are mostly medical suppliers and doctors from Europe and Middle-East Asia. Black Eye™ Endoscopic Marker and Blue Eye™ Submucosal Injection Agent achieved huge attention from the visitors. Most of the doctors were aware of Black Eye’s reputation and satisfied with its great quality.

At the same time, they have shown their interest in the newly released Blue Eye. Blue Eye was the most popular product in exhibition, and all of the samples and catalogues were run out very fast.  We introduced Defogger Anti-fogging Solution, Injection Needle, Polypectomy Snare, Bite Block and Syringe Barrel. We have seen great potential of our products through the meetings.

At the first day of the exhibition, we held a seminar, The Standard Partners Day, at Hotel Porta Fira with our valuable distributors and sales representatives. We had a guest speaker from our leading distributor in the U.K and three other speakers from The Standard in order to inform the excellence of our products and share the marketing strategies and other important matters  with our partners. It was very a productive and meaningful time as we were able to discuss and communicate each other closely and build a good business relationship.


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