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The Standard has participated in Arab Health 2002, held from January 24th to 27th in Dubai, UAE.

Arab Health is a healthcare trade show in the Middle East, and it started from Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1975.

It is one of the world’s largest medical conferences, and its most visitors are in healthcare industry from the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

During the exhibition, TS-505 Defogger Anti-Fog System has attracted visitors’ attention thanks to its unique function and special features.

At the same time, visitors have shown their interest in the newly released product, NAMI Prefilled Syringe.

The syringe barrel is made of COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer) material and is suitable to substitute glass syringes with it.

We, The Standard, had meetings with more than 50 existing and potential business partners throughout the exhibition.

Those were very informative and productive meeting, and we would like to thank for those who have visited our booth at Arab Health 2022 in Dubai.

The Standard will continuously develop and introduce the products at exhibitions.


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