5ml Prefilled Syringe Barrel

NAMI 05 Syringe

  • The Standard pre-filled syringes are manufactured in accordance with ISO 11040-6.

  • The syringe barrels are made of COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer) Material and are available as a complete system including components such as tip cap, plungers and plunger rods.

  • They are delivered ready for the filling process and are packed in a nest which is placed into a tub. 
    This nest is suitable for all of the usual filling systems.



Barrel Specification

Material: Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)

Volume: 5 ml

Cone: Luer Lock

Sterilization: EO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas Sterilization

Packaging of syringe Nest and tub (64)

주사DSC02954 copy.jpg

Special Features

  • It is manufactured according to ISO 13485 and thoroughly managed with quality and production control located at manufacturing facilities including ISO Class 5 and 8 Clean Room which meets international standards and GMP standards.

  • It is designated to be prefilled with various drugs under aseptic conditions.

  • The siliconization is performed with a reactive silicone mixture which finally leads to a dense cross linked silicone layer on the polymer surface

  • The filled nest is placed into a tub, the tub is covered with a protection sheet (Tyvek) and sealed with a cover lid for easy handling and filling


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